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How Long Should A Resume Be?

Have you ever thought “how many pages should my resume be?”

Are recruiters looking at all the pages of my resume?

If I have more pages will the hiring team qualify me?

I have a one-page resume, will HR hire me?

I had come up with these questions when I was in the final year of my college days.

But later I understood, the answer is quite simple!!!

Some experts say 1 page, a few say 2-3 pages, some say it’s based on your works.

Why this much confusion? Let’s see how much your resume page should be

How many pages should your resume be?

The length of the resume comes after the content quality and the readability. The size of the curriculum vitae depends on your experiences.

A good resume should be 1-2 pages. A one-page resume is good enough for students, graduates, and professionals with a range of between 1-10 years of experience. A 3 or more page resume is better for federals, Academics, or international executives.

Look at the table below for more clarity.

Here are few unique examples,

Case 1: If you’re a project manager and you have 10+ years of experience in this field, delivered more than 100 projects, and achieved 35 standout projects. Can you fill everything in a single page? No right. It requires 2 or 3 pages to clearly explain your work achievement. Nobody will fault you

Case 2: You’re a graduate, you won in a few project competitions and published one journal, is it okay to have a 3-page resume? No, as a final year student or recent graduate it’s okay to have a one-page resume.

The length of the resume varies with work experience, achievement, and industries, here I suggest you follow and remember three easy steps while preparing a stunning resume for your career enhancement.

How To Shorten My Resume

  1. Cut down content on responsibilities in the Work experience session. Try to use bulletins instead of describing the job roles.

  2. Eliminate unnecessary words, repeated words and use active voice rather than passive voice.

  3. Remove irrelevant work experiences and achievements.

  4. Adjust margin and font size. Use 12-14px font size for better experiences.

  5. Don’t over-optimize your resume with skills and achievements.

Steps to write perfect Resume

Keep your resume more interesting, let HR dive deep into your resume.

Start With Your Basic Information

Your name, contact information should be at the top of your resume. This always lets HR contact you easily. Always include your full name, email address, and phone number at the header. You can also include your portfolio, LinkedIn id, Github account, and other social media id that is relevant to your career. If you’re ready to move to another city for your job, then mention ready to relocate.

Explain your Work Background

This section is the most important and bulky one. Even if you’re ready to change your career, recruiters still want to see what and how you have done all your works. In the Work Experience section, add the company name, designation, department, duration, roles, and achievements. You can update your work experience either in one category as “Work Background” or you split that into “Relevant Work Experience” and “Additional Work Experience”. Always add your recent experience at first then follow up on previous works.

Don't Forget To Add Your Education

If you’re still in college or graduated, your education will be available at the top of the resume. Include your CGPA, achievements, and awards, and other quality skills you have done during your college days. Brief your projects, journals, conferences, hands-on training, workshops, internships, and more. This will clearly make HR understand your capacities and skills.

Top with Skills and Interests

The skills section in your resume creates a good and bad impression. It allows the recruiters to scan your ability and capacity to hire. Also, adding your interests and hobbies at the bottom of your resume is underrated and a smart choice.

Tailor Your Resume For ATS

Having skills in your resume is good for ATS (“Application Tracking System”) that helps the recruiters to screen the candidates for the specific job role. Creating an ATS resume will help you to get hired easily. When you apply for jobs at job portals such as indeed, Monster… It provides relevant jobs for your skills and experience. This happens because of ATS. The application software sometimes acts as a filter, parsing the resume, submitting and forwarding the relevant resumes to the recruiters.

Wrapping Up

Resume length goes with the experiences. One page resume is fit for 1-3 years, 1-2 page is ok for 3-10 years of experience, 2 page is good for 10-20 years of experience and 2-3 page is apt for 20+ years of experienced professionals. A Federal resume should range between 4 to 6 pages and an Academic or Research-based resume should have 5+ pages. How many pages of your resume may always include personal information, work experience, academics, and skills which makes the recruiters and ATS find yourself. Want to build a unique resume hire a resume builder who can achieve these do’s steps in your resume and let you to get paid in an organization.

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